Then one day she meets a guy on the internet. He is an intelligent, writer, who has similar interests, whose lifestyle is actually based on these interests.
Then there comes a strong connection, chemistry between them... This book is a door to a journey that they started together... a story of searching for the truth.
“To come across and meet in a virtual world… Weird but nice… I read your writing, it made me think. Your words touched some place inside of me…
You do not know who I am. It’s not like I know myself either.
Of course, you will get to know me in time. It would be wrong to say I am like this. One cannot look at one’s self objectively. I have tried it, it just doesn’t work that way.
Defining myself is also another problem. I’m just a human being. School, exams, friends. I just drift away with it all. I read one of your essays. It made me think. Your words touched some place inside of me. 
You know there’s a legend where a man looks for the water of life. I felt so close to that. I too am looking for the water of life. Is it for immortality? No! At times, I miss death. I ask, I question it.  
You know, I always read books since I was a little child. My interest in reading became even more intense during my high school years. I had had an accident, and I was bedridden for months. I had read tonnes of books during that time. It was at that time that I tasted the beauty of a book, of reading and literature. 
It was great… But it was also bad in a sense! Because one of the reasons for my questioning is because of my readings. I could have also just lived a normal life too… But now everything is just philosophy for me. And literature… Mine is a kind of obsessional reading.
Lately, I have also been interested on the topics about believing. I do not know if I believe. At times, it feels like I do believe. Generally, though, I am stuck in a tight situation. 
Maybe I don’t reject it but I don’t completely believe either. Is this even harder, what do you think? Right at that moment, I feel a great emptiness appear inside of me. And everything suddenly loses it’s meaning.
Let’s discuss this with you. Could you be able to put up with me? If a person’s soul is close to my soul, then there is no problem. I can even get along with someone from the other end of the world. If there is no connection with one who is right there beside you, one becomes a complete stranger…
Becoming a stranger… Yes, this really defines who I am. I am all alone in the middle of crowds. This must be the hardest loneliness. Don’t you think so?
Write to me, please! It can be short, as long as you write something. I don’t have any patience for long words anyway. Now I am only looking for the shortest of words and the core of all issues. The shortest of writings are the most beautiful, if of course, it is meaningful… Let its language be simple. So that I may understand…
Look at me, I’m putting boundaries on you without any shame! How impertinent of me! But how else can we communicate. Please understand…”